SDK Integration

Here you can find simple way of implementing Hengam SDK using Android studio and Java or Catlin.

This guide assumes that you've already followed the prerequisites.

Installation on your project


Open build.gradel file of your application. Please pay attention not entering the gradle file of the project. Add the following code into dependencies:

dependencies {
    implementation 'io.hengam.lib:base:1.0.5'
Then add multiDexEnabled true to you defaultConfig in android section like this:
android {
    defaultConfig {
        multiDexEnabled true

At the top right of the screen, press the sync button to sync the gradel.


Go to Hengam dashboard and get the manifest content and add it to your project AndroidManifest.xml

The manifest will be a tag like this:

   <meta-data android:name="hengam_token" android:value="HENGAM_TOKEN" />

The value HENGAM_TOKEN is a sample. Replace it with your own token which is a unique token, available in Hengam dashboard for your app.

Test & diagnosis

Hengam needs minimum android api=15 and google-play-service version >= 3 to run.

After running the application, you should see the following logs in Android logcat (this may take a few seconds due to the connection to the server):

// Android logcat:
--------+ Started Initialization of Hengam 1.0.5 +--------
Trying to register to Hengam
Successfully registered to Hengam

Logcat is available on Android Studio. If you are using other tools like VSCode you can use any method to view the log. Android documentation for Logcat

You can apply the Hengam filter to the logs for a better view.

After that,

  1. Run and install your app on a test device or emulator that has google-play-service installed.
  2. Make sure your device is connected to internet.
  3. Open the app and wait until your installation is received by the hengam. We will send you a notification and an email whenever we receive the first installation.

Too long? check the troubleshooting section. Your problem may be found there.


If you have any problem, please contact us using this email, we will get back to you right away: hi [at]