Add cocoapods to xcode project

Hengam distributes iOS specific APIs and SDKs via CocoaPods. CocoaPods is an application level dependency manager for the Objective-C, Swift). CocoaPods makes it easy to install or update new SDKs when working with Xcode. For more information you can look at cocoapod website.

You can install the CocoaPods tool on OS X by running the following command from the terminal

$ sudo gem install cocoapods

Add a Hengam SDK to your iOS app

CocoaPods is used to install and manage dependencies in existing Xcode projects

Step 1. Create an Xcode project, and save it to your local machine.

Step 2. Make sure your current Xcode project is closed and in the project root.

Step 3. Run pod init from the terminal in your project directory.

Step 4. Open Podfile, and add your dependencies. A simple Podspec is shown here.


    pod 'Hengam'

target 'PROJECT_NAME’' do
    pod 'Hengam'
Step 5. Save the file.

Step 6. Run the following from the terminal.

pod  repo  update
pod  install

Step 7. Open your app's .xcworkspace file to launch Xcode. Use this file for all development on your app.