Creating an app

Let's get going!

The very first step is to go to Hengam's dashboard to create a new app and activate it.

You should whether enter store URL of your app if it is live, or your app package name. If you don't know what is this or where can you find it, you can check the finding app package name guide.

App Released On Store

Now let's set your firebase keys in Hengam Dashboard.

[Android] Getting your Google Server API Key

Firebase Server Key and Sender ID are used to send push notifications to android devices.

If you want to get faster and start using hengam, you can skip this step. In this case, Hengam will generate unique firebase server key and sender id for your app.

If you want to use your own firebase configuration, follow the Getting Server API Key Guide and then add them here in your app activation flow

Set Firebase Keys

You can always find the used keys in settings. If your app get activated, you will not be able to change the keys.

[iOS] Getting your iOS Push Certificate

coming soon ...