Data Collected by the Hengam SDK

List of data collected

The following are data fields that the Hengam SDK collects automatically, manually, and/or through user permissions.

Hengam SDK is open-source and can be accessed through this Github repository.

You can customize which data is collected and how to manage user consent for data collection according to the Handling Personal Data guide.

Data that is collected to be used in Hengam predictions, auto-segmentation and finding and smart-scheduling the right message to the right user at the right time are:

Data Description
Session Times The date & time the user opens the app and use it in foreground
Session Duration ‍ The number of seconds the user has interacted with the app in each session
Device Info Operating System type and version, Mobile brand, model and screen resolution
Mobile Carrier(s) Name of cellular service provider(s)
Device Language The language the device reports.
Time Zone The most recent time zone the device was in
Country The most recent country the device was in (ISO 3166-2 format)
Push Status Whether the device has push notifications enabled or disabled
App Version The version of the app the most recent session reported the user running.
Device Usage Each time that screen turns on, turns off or the device is rebooted.
Location GPS coordinates of the device (OPTIONAL only when app asks for and receives permission from users)
Google Ad Id and IFV The Google Ad Id and Apple IFV
Your Application Identifier The package name of your mobile application
Cellular Carrier The name of the cellular carrier used by the device
IP Address The IP address the device is visiting from
Push Tokens Mobile App Tokens added to the device by FCM or APNs
'Google Play services' Version Version of 'Google Play services' installed on the mobile phone
MAC Address The MAC address which the device is visiting from
Connection Type Whether the device is connected to WiFi or Cellular network while transferring data
Signal Strength Strength of the connected network signal
Application List List of installed applications on the device containing each app name, package name, install time, update time, installer and version
In-App Activity Pages visited and links clicked along: Page (Activity) name, Button id and text, Link text and target, date & time that each event happened
Push Engagement The date & time that push notification is published on device and/or user clicked/dismissed the notification