Find the package name of Android apps

Android apps use package name as their unique identification. It usually consists of 3 parts, but it can have 2 parts as well. For example, the package ID of Uber application for android is com.ubercab.

There are several ways to find out the package name of an Android app. I am listing down the various methods. You can follow any of them as per your convenience.

1. From the Play Store

The Play Store also uses the Android app package name to list unique apps. So, the easiest way to find the app package name is via the Play Store.

On a Mac or PC:

  1. Open Google Play Store site.
  2. Use the search bar to look for the app for which you need the package name.
  3. Open the app page and look at the URL. The package name forms the end part of the URL after the text id=. Copy it and use it as needed.

Packagename Play Store

2. Find in AndroidManifest.xml file

  1. Go to AndroidManifest.xml file in your project.
  2. You can find the package name in package = '' format. Copy and use it as needed.

Packagename Android Manifest

3. Use an app on your phone

If you are trying to find the package name of an app installed on your device, then you can rely on the Package Viewer apps available on Play Store.

A list of popular apps available along with a download link is provided below:

4. Using AAPT with the APK file

If you have the APK on your PC, you can use AAPT to retrieve the APK’s package name. AAPT is one of the command line utilities that come with the Android SDK.

  1. Open a command line and enter aapt.exe dump badging [path-to-apk] if you’re using Windows, or aapt dump badging [path-to-apk] if you’re using a Mac or Linux. Be sure to replace [path-to-apk] with the full path to the APK file on your PC.
  2. A lot of information about the APK file will be printed, but near the top will be an area that says something like package: name=’’ Copy and use it as needed.

5. Using ADB if the app is already installed

If the app is already installed on your Fire TV or other Android device, you can run a shell command that lists all the apps, with their package names, that are installed on your device.

  1. Connect to your device via ADB, then run the command adb shell pm list packages -3 -f. That will list all the apps you’ve personally installed on the device.
  2. Each line of the app list that is displayed will end in the app’s package name. For example, package:/data/app/ is the line for Example App. Copy and use it as needed.

The package name should be descriptive enough for you to be able to pick out the app you’re looking for.